Designing a Cupholder for Cutloose
Designing a Cupholder for Cutloose
Designing a Cupholder for Cutloose
Lily Gwynn
I am currently an intern at Fluxspace and a Junior at Rochester Institute of Technology; majoring in Industrial Design.
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What is Cutloose?


In 2017, Jordan Deane founded the fitness studio Cutloose. When participating in a marathon for a colleague’s daughter that was battling pediatric cancer, Jordan had one thought Cutloose and run for Maren. Jordan named the company Cutloose because it is a mindset that allows people to let go of what is holding them back. In 2019, Emily Rodenbaugh joined the team, helping spread the Cutloose mindset. Cutloose Studio became a virtual fitness studio, during the pandemic in 2020, helping people who were struggling to achieve their fitness goals. Jordan and Emily both wanted to further help people and started Cutloose Cares.


What is Cutloose Cares?


Cutloose Cares is a local (Norristown, Pa) non-profit organization that strives to make the community better. Cutloose Cares was formally established in 2022 by Jordan and Emily Deane, striving to help provide the necessities to those in need.


The Cutloose team came to Fluxspace for help in designing a cup holder for the Hydro Jug. Emily and Jordan Deane came up with a design that clips onto the car door pocket. Using Fusion 360, I made a design based on the Hydro Jug’s measurements as well as Emily and Jordan’s Sketches.

When 3D printing, the file needed to be separated so that it would successfully print. Multiple iterations of the design were made after testing. The first print was too long and would not fit in the car when the clip was pushed all the way down. The second print needed more stability in the handle and slightly further from the cup. In the third print, we tested flexible filament for the handle.


As we further work with the Cutloose team we will update this page on further design decisions.

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