Fork Farms X STEELS Standards
Fork Farms X STEELS Standards
Fork Farms X STEELS Standards
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Curious about our 4D (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) model for technology and engineering design? Read about why we selected this framework and how it can be implemented in your classroom!
Learn about the 4D model

In 2022, Pennsylvania officially adopted a new set of K-12 science standards. The Pennsylvania Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy & Sustainability (STEELS) standards are expected to be fully integrated into practice by the 2025-2026 school year. The focus of these new standards is to move past memorizing and understanding scientific facts and dive deeper into making real-world connections by investigating scientific phenomena in the natural world and designing solutions to problems that exist. These new standards are better aligned with the most recent research and best practices around science education and include a new domain for environmental literacy and sustainability. 

The Flex Farm by Fork Farms is a great resource to help integrate many of these new standards into the classroom for all ages. From learning about how hydroponics works to understanding the life cycle of a plant, to discussing ways we can provide sustainable food sources on earth, the Flex Farm curriculum is packed with hands-on activities, real-world discussions, and design challenges that meet a plethora of the new STEELS standards from kindergarten up through high school. 

If you already have a Flex Farm in your school, use the guide below alongside the Flex Farm curriculum to help you as you transition your lesson plans to meet the new STEELS standards. 

If you don’t have a Flex Farm in your school and you are interested in learning more, please reach out to info@fluxspace.io. Someone from our team will connect with you shortly. 

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