Cardboard Cutters
Cardboard Cutters
Cardboard Cutters
by Simona Dwass
Simona Dwass is the Makerspace Education Specialist at Fluxspace. She has a background in product design and is passionate about the benefits of hands-on learning and physical creation in the classroom.
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Curious about our 4D (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) model for technology and engineering design? Read about why we selected this framework and how it can be implemented in your classroom!
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One of the big things we do at Fluxspace is help schools create makerspaces. This is the first in a new series we’re calling Test Labs, where we take a close look at STEAM tools and technologies and review what we like and don’t like about each product.

This week we took a look at different tools that can be used to cut cardboard. Cardboard is one of the most widely used materials in makerspaces. It’s easy to find, fairly easy to work with, and a pretty cool way to upcycle material. However, cutting it safely can sometimes prove tricky.

We reviewed seven tools that schools are using - or maybe not using - to cut cardboard. In order to ensure fair testing, we created a template. Each tool was examined for its ability to cut a straight line, a curved line, for required effort, and for safety. We also considered price - we know that some schools have a tight budget! 

This post contains affiliate links to all the products we tested. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, we get a commission, at no cost to you. Fluxspace is independently owned and the opinions here are our own.

Our favorite cardboard cutter was the Volltek Electric Cordless Scissor. It was the safest and most effective tool we tested, but was also the most expensive. If you're looking for a cheaper option, we also liked the CANARY Armwrestler Tin Snips, although they might not be safe enough for younger students. The Worx Zip Snip and the Klever Kutter were very safe and great for cutting straight lines, although they weren't great at cutting out curved shapes.

Our findings for each of the seven tools we tested are highlighted in this video! Subscribe to Fluxspace on YouTube so you don’t miss out on Test Labs product reviews.

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