our mission

Fluxspace's mission is to help individuals experience the future of learning environments and understand the innovative products, programs, and experiences that should take place in them.

Fluxspace intentionally provides students, educators, and industry professionals opportunities to work together to create a more collaborative and forward-thinking community and workforce. Fluxspace continues to develop educational innovations such as STEM education programs/products, makerspaces, 21st-century learning spaces, esports labs, educational technology integration, and more.

Fluxspace focuses on the necessary improvements to education so that all learners can be engaged and reach their potential. Put merely, Fluxspace is on a mission to create better learning experiences for all students.

Fluxspace is an initiative of Corbett, Inc.,
a market leader in commercial and K-12 interior solutions, consulting in areas of school design, furniture implementation, and more. Fluxspace is an expansion of Corbett Inc's current experience center. It adds 10,000 sq. ft of flexible multi-purpose space.


Ryne Anthony

Director of Innovation

Simona Dwass

Makerspace Education Specialist

Nathan Kraihanzel

why we do it
Every child has the right to invent, tinker, create, innovate, and make. We aim to support professional learning experiences that will empower and equip educators to push STEAM-education forward through the 21st century and beyond.
4.4 in 10
people working in the STEM workforce are women.
of high school grads don’t meet benchmark readiness for STEM college courses.
67 in 100
U.S. jobs are related to STEM fields.
are students that will work at jobs that don’t exist yet.


"I left feeling so inspired and invigorated by our conversation and the possibilities that can happen in education."


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your information and hospitality today.  All of the teachers were very impressed with the whole space as well as your knowledge in this area."

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