Build a Boat

AHOY! For this challenge, you will design and build a boat! The boat should be able to float in water and carry materials from one place to another. What will the boat look like? What type of boat will it be? SAFETY NOTE: These are model boats. All boats made should be smaller or be able to fit into a bathtub. DO NOT make large scale boats that hold a person.

consider this

key terms

buoyancy: (noun) power to float or rise in a fluid, like water or air

hydraulics: (noun) study of the mechanics of fluids, like water or air

flow: (verb) move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream

propulsion: (noun) action of driving or pushing forward


design a solution

generate an idea

What type of boat will it be? Think about the boats you have seen, why do they float? What materials could you use to make one? Write down the features that make a boat float!

design and build a prototype

Find a bowl of water, the sink, or bathtub to test your boat. Make sure to have an adult to help you! Does your boat float? Can it hold and carry different objects? How much weight can it hold? How long will it stay afloat? What changes can you make?

share your idea

Create a short (max 2 min) video include details like what materials did you use, what problems/issues did you have and how did you resolve or overcome them? How much weight can your boat hold? Explain the modifications you made and why you made them.

example solutions

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