Tower Challenge
Tower Challenge
Tower Challenge
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Curious about our 4D (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) model for technology and engineering design? Read about why we selected this framework and how it can be implemented in your classroom!
Learn about the 4D model

For this challenge, you will construct a tower made of craft and recycled materials. Your tower should be able to support at least a tennis ball or an object with similar weight off of the ground. Have you ever wondered how tall buildings like sky scrapers and telecommunication towers are able to stand up so straight and strong while fighting against wind, gravity and other elements (called loads) all at the same time? Engineers who build towers need to consider not only what material to use but also how to design them. When done successfully after continuous trial and errors, tall towers can provide more space and look cool while doing it!

Consider This

There are so many different ways of designing towers! Some Civil Engineers design towers as their whole job! What type of tower will you build? What design helps you build the tallest free-standing structure?

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