3D Printable Intelino Tracks
3D Printable Intelino Tracks
3D Printable Intelino Tracks
Noah Greskiewicz
College Intern
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Intelino is my favorite product of its type. Throughout my time at Fluxspace, I have worked on many smaller projects to improve the Intelino experience we offer at Fluxspace. In this blog post, I will share two of my recent projects.

Straight Track

As mentioned before, one of the experiences we offer at Fluxspace is the Intelino table. This area hosts our fantastic Intelino track built by our Interns. A couple months ago, I worked on creating a straight Intelino track to test the suitability of 3D printing for Intelino and toy train applications. The result exceeded my expectations and accomplished my goals for the project. I am excited by the freedom this project provides Fluxspace; we can now replace and add to our collection of Intelino tracks in as little as a few hours. This prototype set the stage for my many future Intelino projects. Below, I have included a photo of the finished project.

Articulating Track


After my success with the straight Intelino track, I decided to give myself a more challenging project: enter the articulating Intelino track! With its modular design and flexible joints, this is by far my most dynamic Intelino track yet. 


I was inspired by other toy manufacturers and slightly disappointed that Intelino did not already have an articulating track. Because of this, I worked on creating my own version that would work with Intelino’s existing infrastructure. This project was more difficult than I anticipated; I have already designed models and written blog posts on print-in-place projects. However, this articulating track model is built by connecting modular sections to create a finished product and is not print-in-place. The current iteration is my second attempt and is still a work in progress. The Intelino train is able to travel over the articulated track well. However, since this design is not print-in-place, the modular sections have a tendency to come apart when moving and building with the track. For now, I consider this design a success, but the future holds an improved iteration. My next design will feature a more robust connection system to enhance the durability of the track which should allow for younger kids to have a more successful experience with the track. Below, I have included photos of my first iteration, the final product, the joints underneath the track, and a GIF of the track in action.

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