All About Plants

consider this

What could you invent, innovate, create relating to plants? Why Plants? Plants supply food to nearly all land organisms, including people. Plants form the critical base of food chains in nearly all ecosystems. Through photosynthesis, plants harvest the energy of the sun, providing both food and habitat for other organisms. Plants also produce oxygen and are an important part of the water cycle! What other ways do we use plants? Watch the resource video at the bottom of this challenge page and think about what you could create, innovate or invent related to plants. A new way to grow? Harvest? A new use? Repurpose plant waste? Be Creative!

key terms

ecosystem: (noun) community and interactions of living and nonliving things in an area

energy: (noun) capacity to do work Water Cycle: (noun) movement of water between atmosphere, land, and ocean

food chain: (noun) group of organisms linked in order of the food they eat, from producers to consumers, and from prey, predators, scavengers, and decomposers

photosynthesis: (noun) process by which plants turn water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide into water, oxygen, and simple sugars


Need inspiration of what you could invent using plants? Watch this video about an engineer who uses plant waste to create energy!

design a solution

generate an idea

What could you invent, innovate, or create related to plants? Could it be a new way of farming? A new way to use plants? Repurpose plant waste?

design and build a prototype

Build your creation! Remember – It’s ok if it is not a working prototype, the prototype(s) allow you to share your concept and better tell your story. Get creative!

share your idea

Film a short (Max 2 min video) pitch of your invention. Include details like who is it for, what problem does it solve, etc. Have fun! Upload/share your video to twitter, facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to tag us!

example solutions

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