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Hands-on Coding Robots

Bring 100% screen-free coding and robotics to your pre-school, kindergarten, and primary school classrooms.

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Matatalab Pro Set

Matatalab pro set is a solution for grades k-4 to start coding from a young age. Kids discover the fun of basic coding concepts such as sequencing, conditionals and debugging and will constantly be challenged with advanced tasks.

What do I get?

  • MatataBot
  • Command Tower
  • Music Add-on
  • Artist Add-on
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • 6x Warm-up Cards
  • 99x Coding Blocks
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Matatalab Coding Set

The Matatalab Coding Set, is a block-based, tangible programming tool that allows students to move a robot through an environment by way of a Bluetooth-enabled command tower and board.

Ages 4-6

What do I get?

  • MatataBot
  • Command Tower
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • 37x Coding Blocks

Tale-Bot Pro Education Edition

Hands-on coding robot set for the classroom.

Ages 3-5

What do I get?

  • 1x Tale-Bot Pro
  • 6x Accessories
  • 32x Command Card
  • 1x Configuration Setting Card
  • 1x Callout Stickers Quick Guide
  • 1x Callout Stickers
  • 5x Double-Sided Interactive Map
  • 1x Blank Map
  • 2x User Guide
  • 1x Sticker Booklet
  • 3x Paper Craft
  • 2x Washable Market


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