make our mascot competition
The winning design will be chosen as the FLUXSPACE mascot and receive prizes.
Fill out the adlib in the back!
design your very own Fluxy
sketch, paint, build, sculpt, etc. - you have the freedom!
use the QR code to submit pictures of your adlib and your Fluxy design on our website!
you can also use the hashtag, #Fluxy and tag us at @fluxspace_io
don’t forget to get creative!
share your adlib and Fluxy design with us by
December 1st
PDF Download/Printable
Share on social media and/or email us at We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
by sharing your design with us, you agree to the terms & conditions
Submissions closed: Thank you for submitting your designs!
Terms & Conditions
Fluxspace Innovations LLC. shall have perpetual intellectual property rights over prize-winning works and other non-winning works it may acquire, including the right to use, produce or reproduce, prepare derivative works of the designs for whatever purpose and whichever form as may be deemed fit by (competition sponsor/organizer) without further compensation to the artist or their heirs and assignees.