Esports is a form of competition using video games. It often takes the form of organized, multiplayer competitions between individuals or as teams. Students who engage in activities like esports have higher graduation rates, better attendance, higher math and reading scores, and improved self-esteem.


Designing for the Switched-On Generation can be overwhelming. It is important that the space, whether it is a full lab or the corner of a library meets the excitement of the players digital world.

tools and tech

Technological innovations have been fueling the advancement of eSports growth.

training and support

A major challenge faced by educators is how to integrate maker projects into existing class structures.  Find every thing you need to get started from our catalog of activities and resources.

get inspired

evolve the gaming experience

viewing area

A dedicated space to watch matches provides a great opportunity to invite fans into the space while broadcasting content to a digital audience.

competition area

A spotlight setup to bring attention to head-to-head competitions.

practice space

Esports athletes need facilities to train, just like in more traditional sports. A practice area allows for focused, private exhibition matches, and team training.

shoutcasting booth

A space where the announcer delivers an educating, entertaining, and engaging narrative of the game or match and its players.

playing instead of observing

Logitech Headset
Wireless headsets with great sound quality, bluetooth or USB connections, and noise cancellation.
Gaming chairs with all day ergonomics, durability, and comfort.
Lenovo Legion
A series of gaming PC's with a full lineup of laptops, desktops, and accessories.

coming soon!

Build An Instrument
challenge accepted
Build Models and Machines
challenge accepted
Build A Prosthetic Arm
challenge accepted
Your Own Invention
challenge accepted

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