Create Art

For this challenge, you will put your artistic skills to the test! Think about the relationship that art has with science, technology, engineering, and math. There are so many artistic moments in the STEM world – engineering drawings, the unique beauty of snowflakes, the fascinating shapes that you see under a microscope, or 3D printed jewelry. Make a piece of art that makes you think about STEM in some way!

consider this

key terms

abstract art: (noun) artistic style which does not represent images of our everyday world, instead uses color, lines, and shapes to represent feelings and emotions

perspective: (noun) way of painting or drawing that makes some objects appear closer than others

medium: (noun) material used in creating a piece of artwork such as paint, marble, clay, or pastels

primary colors: (nouns) red, yellow, and blue. All of the other colors in the rainbow can be made from these three


design a solution

generate an idea

What is the prompt you selected? How can you complete this task? What else could you add to bring more creativity and originality?

design and build a prototype

What other materials could you use to create? What is another medium that you could use to create art? What could be a unique technique to create?

share your idea

Film a short (Max 2 min video) pitch of your invention. Include details like who is it for, what problem does it solve, etc. Have fun! Upload/share your video to twitter, facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to tag us!

example solutions

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