Indoor Agriculture

Give your students hands-on experience exploring STEM concepts while addressing important topics related to sustainability, farm-to-school and how food grows. 

space design

Don't just teach students about the importance of healthy foods but also how to grow and share. These spaces can be in the back of a classroom or an entire lab for students to discover new techniques for food development.

tools and tech

It doesn't take much to start an indoor garden in your classroom. Growing food hydroponically can be done using a system or reusing plastic water bottles. Either way sets the stage for a better education in understanding where our food comes from.

training and support

A major challenge faced by educators is how to integrate lessons around hydroponics all the while keeping students engaged. Dive deep into our STEAM challenges and get inspired.

hydroponic lab

seeding area

The primary foundation of any seeding area will be a clean flat space to work. This is where the seeds with be dropped into starter plugs. Seeding area will house tools like seed markers, rock wool, and pumps.

growing area

One of best things about hydroponics farming is that you can grow fresh fruits and veggies in small small spaces, indoor or out! 

harvesting area

Depending on your needs, a harvesting area could be as simple as a table with some compost or waste bins. Storage bags, clippers and some drying racks can help with preserving herbs and spices.

classroom and prep area

Countertops and storage are the main elements of a prep area. Adding a wet bar and hot plate can elevate the space to support food science lessons.

doing instead of discussing

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All About Plants
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Global Impact Invention
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