Paper Polyhedra

identify the problem

For this challenge, you will build a paper polyhedra! What are polyhedrons? THINK ABOUT – How can 2D shapes fit together to make 3D objects?
A polyhedra (plural = polyhedrons) is a 3-dimensional figure that is formed by 2 -dimensional polygons that enclose a region in space. If one side is not a polygon, then that object is not a polyhedra. Examples of non-polyhedrons are cones, spheres and cylinders. Each of those has a side that is not a polygon.

design a solution

01. Generate an idea. Come up with your own design or find a plan/instructions online.
02. Design and build a prototype. Build your polyhedra! What material could you use to make it more creative?
03. Share your idea. Film a short (Max 2 min video) pitch of your invention. Include details like who is it for, what problem does it solve, etc. Have fun! Upload/share your video to twitter, facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to tag us!

get inspired